Diversity Issues: UCLA Again Considers Class in Diversity

diversity class

The Los Angeles Times reports on a proposal that most undergraduates take a class in racial, cultural, gender or religious diversity. To read the full story, Click Here.

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  1. Shirelle says:

    I encourage UCLA’s faculty and administrator’s to consider a course in Diversity. While attending a couple of my classes, we were encouraged to read aloud novels by author’s that used the N-word on more than one occasion, yet, no other derogatory terms were used in class toward other races. I left that class feeling humilated and felt there was no where to turn or no one to whom I could speak with about the situation. I challenged the class on one occasion and received an apology from the professor…but what happened in her next class? This word is a part of history and I can appreciate that…but, there should be balance. If not, at least provide an opportunity to students to grow through offering courses that will enable them to learn other cultures and their experiences.

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