UCLA Black Alumni Association Election Results


The UCLA Black Alumni Association recently announced the results of this year’s UBAA elections. The new and/or returning officers and board are as follows:


Kelvin Tolbert

VP Operations 

Tony Gueringer

VP Social & Volunteer Programs

Angela Jackson

VP Fundraising

Anthony George


Lavant Wooten

Secretary-General Counsel

Pete Carr* and Gloria Dabbs*

UCLA Black Alumni Association Board of Directors are:

Ricky Ivie

Wendy Gladney

Don Sanders

Hascal Humes

Erin Aubrey Kaplan**

Cheryl Gully**

The Bunche Center would like to congratulate the UBAA incoming elected (and re-elected) Officers and Board members!

(**Voting resulted in a tie for the 5th and final open Board seat. Both candidates will be offered seats on the UBAA Board of Directors