Diversity Issues: UCLA Diversity Requirement Approved by College Faculty


UPDATE – November 5, 2014 – An earlier story reported the start of voting on the proposed diversity requirement for the College of Letters and Sciences.  On October 31, 2014, UCLA College faculty approved the proposal requiring all College undergraduates to take a course focused on diversity.   The proposal now goes to the Academic Senate’s Undergraduate Council, which will vote on the proposal at their November 7th meeting.  The proposal will become final if approved by the Academic Senate’s Legislative Assembly at their November 20th meeting.  To read more about Diversity Requirement voting, Click Here.

October 22, 2014 – The UCLA Academic Senate Faculty announced that on October 24, 2014, voting will begin on the proposed diversity requirement for the College of Letters and Science.  There is a rich and growing body of research indicating that diversity requirements have positive outcomes for students and university campuses.  Supporters of the proposal point to the need not only to educate students in the academic disciplines, but to prepare them for success after graduation and to participate as contributing citizens of our ever increasing diverse society.   To read the proposal, Click Here.

For more information on the Bunche Center’s past research on diversity issues, Click Here.