Scott Blog Discusses Racial Exclusion in Hollywood – Then & Now

January 28, 2016 – Ellen Scott, a UCLA Assistant Professor of Cinema and Media Studies, and a Bunche Center affiliated faculty member, blogs that today’s Oscars controversy is nothing new. She examines a 1962 protest over racial exclusion in Hollywood where the concerns of blacks in the entertainment industry 54 years ago, are not unlike the concerns faced by people of color and women in entertainment today. To read the blog, Click Here.

The Bunche Center’s Race and Hollywood Project is creating a comprehensive analysis of diversity (or the lack thereof) in the film and television industries. For background information about the Bunche Center’s Race and Hollywood Project, Click Here. For previous posts about the Center’s Hollywood Advancement Project, Click Here.

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The 2016 Hollywood Diversity Report is slated to be released by the Bunche Center on February 25, 2016.