Eric Tang Talk Now Available on Bunche TV


April 12, 2016 – UT Austin Professor Eric Tang discussed his new book, Unsettled: Fugitive Life in the Hyperghetto, in a Bunche Center Circle of Thought on April 6, 2016. The event was co-sponsored by Robin D.G. Kelley and the UCLA Asian American Studies Center. In this lectureTang revisits the summer of 1967 to uncover the origins of the hyperghetto and the low-intensity warfare that has since been waged against its mostly African-American residents. Tang will also draw on themes from his new book Unsettled to discuss how refugees from the US war in Southeast Asia—particularly Cambodians—became the lone “new immigrant event” to hyperghettos. He asks: What does it mean for these Third World migrants to resettle into this distinct time and space of slavery’s afterlife?

The edited video is now available on

Bunche TV

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