CAAM exhibition "Center Stage: African American Women in Silent Race Films" open

The California African American Museum, in collaboration with the UCLA Digital Humanities Department, present “Center Stage: African American Women in Silent Race Films.” According to the KCET article, “Forgotten Black Women of Early Hollywood Take Center Stage at CAAM,” “It [the exhibition] reveals how as early as 100 years ago, independent black filmmakers presented complex portrayals of women of color that major studios never fathomed. These silent gems depict black women exploring their religious faith, fighting for the rights of African Americans and in loving relationships. They underscore how even today Hollywood has much ground to cover in its depiction of black women.”

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The California African American Museum is located 600 State Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90037, and the exhibition is open until October 15, 2017. For museum hours and directions, click here.