The Bunche Center is composed of five divisions, which report to the director: Research, Library and Media Center, Interdepartmental Degree Program, Publications, and Special Projects. The director, Darnell Hunt, reports to the Vice Chancellor for Graduate Studies and Dean of the Graduate Division Claudia Mitchell-Kernan.


Bunche Center research programs are designed to (1) expand the knowledge of the history, lifestyles, and socio-cultural systems of people of African descent and (2) to investigate problems that have bearing on the psychological, social, and economic well-being of persons of African descent. Research sponsored and conducted by the Bunche Center is multidisciplinary in scope and spans the humanities, social sciences, fine arts, and several professional schools.


The Bunche Center Library and Media Center (LMC) provides specialized library and informational services to UCLA faculty, students, and staff and to researchers in the community at large. In so doing, the Library supports academic programs and research projects in Afro-American Studies and complements the resources of the UCLA library system.


The primary activities conducted under the auspices of the academic programs and academic branch of the Center are: the development and coordination of Afro-American Studies curricula and the provision of administrative support for the B.A. and J.D./M.A. degree programs in Afro-American Studies. Through its Julian Adderley Memorial Scholarship program, and John Densmore Scholarship programs, the Center also provides scholarship support to students specializing in Afro-American Studies and Fine Arts. The IDP chair reports to the dean of social sciences.


The publication programs of the Center are also integral to its overall mission. Their primary purpose is to guarantee wider access to writing and research on issues that are relevant to peoples of African descent. The Center publications include the Afro-American Culture and Society Monograph Series; Occasional Papers; the Community Classics Series; and the Minority Economic Development Series. The division also oversees the production of the Bunche Research Report, which is published twice a year and distributed without charge to interested individuals and organizations throughout the United States and abroad. In addition, The Bunche Review is published each fall and updates the UCLA and wider community about recent events at the Center.


The special projects division of the Center is primarily responsible for the development and production of cultural and informational programming that enriches the experiences of the UCLA community. Through a variety of outreach vehicles—including the dissemination of materials developed under the Bunche Center auspices and the presentation of cultural and informational programs to nonacademic audiences—the special projects division also provides services to the broader community.

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