The following is a listing of Bunche Center affiliated faculty members.

Core Faculty

Ten scholars currently comprise the core faculty for the Bunche Center (ORU) and African American Studies.

Scot Brown (Bunche Center , History)

Sarah Haley (Bunche Center, Gender Studies)

Peter Hudson (Bunche Center, African American Studies)

Uri McMillan (Bunche Center, English, African American Studies)

Harryette Mullen (Bunche Center, English)

Jemima Pierre (Bunche Center, African American Studies)

Courtney S. Thomas (Bunche Center, Department of Community Health Sciences)

M. Belinda Tucker (Bunche Center, Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences, Emeritus)

Richard Yarborough (Bunche Center, English)

Faculty Advisory Committee (2018-2019)

The Faculty Advisory Committee is appointed by the Vice Provost for the Institute of American Cultures to advise the Director on research, programmatic initiatives, and ongoing Bunche Center operations.

Samy Alim, African American Studies

Walter Allen, Education

Cesar Ayala, Sociology

Bryonn Bain, African American Studies

Tiffany Brannon, Psychology

Karida Brown, Sociology

Scot Brown, History

Henry Burton, Engineering, Civil & Environmental

Devon Carbado, Law

Fred D’Aguiar, English

Aisha Finch, Gender Studies

Shelleen Greene, Film, Television & Digital Media

Chandra Ford, Public Health (CHAIR)

Cheryl Harris, Law

Tyrone Howard, Education

Peter Hudson, African American Studies

Marcus Hunter, Sociology

Alfreda Iglehart, Public Affairs – Social Welfare

Aurora Jackson, Social Welfare

Eufemia Jacob, Nursing

Gaye Theresa Johnson, Cesar E. Chavez Department of Chicana and Chicano Studies

Tracy Johnson, Molecular, Cell and Development Biology

Robin D. G. Kelley, History

Cheryl Keyes, Ethnomusicology

Kathleen Lytle Hernandez, History

Kyle Mays, African American Studies/American Indian Studies

Uri McMillan, English

Safiya Noble, Education

Pedro Noguera, Education

Ketema Paul, Molecular, Cell and Development Biology

Jemina Pierre, African American Studies

Gina Poe, Integrative Biology and Physiology

Marilyn Raphael, Geography

Ellen Scott, Theater, Film & TV

LaToya Small, Social Welfare

Brenda Stevenson, History

Michael A. Stoll, Public Affairs

Caroline Streeter, English

Dominic Taylor, Theater, Film & TV

Courtney Thomas, Community Health Sciences

Abel Valenzuela, Cesar Chavez Dept of Chicana and Chicano Studies

Richard Yarborough, English

Affiliated Faculty

Many other affiliated faculty members from every corner of the campus participate in teaching, research activities, committee service, and community activities for the Bunche Center.

Abdelmonem A. Afifi (School of Public Health-Biostat)

Charles Alexander (AAP Admin/Dentistry)

Walter R. Allen (Education)

Samy H. Alim (African American Studies/Anthropology)

Andrew Apter (History)

Carol Archie (Med Center/OBGYN)

Cesar Ayala (Sociology)

Bryonn Bain (African American Studies)

Tiffany Brannon (Social-Psychology)

Karida Brown (Sociology)

Kathleen Brown (Clinical Radiology)

Scot Brown (History)

Henry Burton (Civil & Environmental Engineering)

Kenny Burrell (Ethnomusicology)

Devon Carbado (Law)

David M. Carlisle (Medicine)

Richard Casey (Jules Stein Eye Institute)

Edwin Cooper (Neurobiology, Emeritus)

Robert Cooper (Education)

Youlanda Copeland-Morgan (Vice Provost, Enrollment Management)

Kimberle Crenshaw (Law)

William Cunningham (Medicine & Public Health)

Fred D’Aguiar (English)

Jacqueline DjeDje (Ethnomusicology, Emerita)

Aisha Finch (Gender Studies)

Charles Flippen (HS, Clinical Professor)

Chandra Ford (Public Health)

Lorrie Frasure (Political Science)

Yogita Goyal (English)

Sandra Graham (Education)

Shelleen Greene (Film, Television and Digital Media)

Sarah Haley (Gender Studies)

Theodore Hall (Radiological Sciences)

Cheryl Harris (Law)

Kelly Lytle Hernandez (Bunche Center Interim Director/History)

Edmond Hewlett (Dentistry)

Robert A. Hill (Emeritus)

Tyrone Howard (Education)

Peter J. Hudson (African American Studies)

Darnell Hunt (Sociology)

Marcus Hunter (Sociology)

Alfreda Iglehart (Social Welfare)

Aurora Jackson (Social Welfare)

Eufemia Jacob (School of Nursing)

Gaye Theresa Johnson (Ceser E. Chavez Department of Chicana and Chicano Studies)

Tracy L. Johnson (Molecular Biology)

Josephine Isabel-Jones (Emeritus)

Robin DG Kelley (History)

Cheryl Keyes (Ethnomusicology)

Arthur Little (English)

Kyle Mays (African American/American Indian Studies)

Vickie Mays (Psychology)

Muriel McClendon (History)

Uri McMillan (English)

Claudia Mitchell-Kernan (Anthropology, Emeritus)

Harryette Mullen (English)

Steven Nelson (Art History)

Safiya Noble (Education)

Pedro Noguera (Education)

Alfred Osborne (Management)

Gary A. Orfield (Education)

Twyman Owens (Harbor/UCLA Med-Ped-Cardio)

Ketema Paul (Integrative Biology & Physiology)

Jemima Pierre (African American Studies)

Gina R. Poe (Integrative Biology, Physiology and Psychiatry)

Marilyn Raphael (Geography)

Vena Ricketts (Med Center)

Edward Savage (Med Center/OBGYN)

Ellen Scott (Film & TV)

Jenny Sharpe (English)

LaToya Small (Social Welfare)

Brenda Stevenson (History)

Michael A. Stoll (Public Affairs)

Caroline Streeter (English)

Dominic A. Taylor (Theater, Film & TV)

Sherod Thaxton (Law)

Courtney S. Thomas (Bunche Center, Department of Community Health Sciences)

M. Belinda Tucker (Bunche Center, Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences, Emeritus)  

Patricia A. Turner (College of Letter & Science, Office of the Deans)

Jane Valentine (Public Health)

Abel Valenzuela (Urban Planning &Chicana/o Studies)

Gail Wyatt (Psychiatry)

Richard Yarborough (English)