The ASU Records collection is still being processed. Access is limited to current and former ASU officers.

Series and Subseries

Admin Information

  • Organization Infrastructure
    • Constitutions
    • Bylaws
    • Officer duties
    • Election guidelines/materials
    • Candidates/rosters
    • Officers/staff
    • General Meetings
  • Finance
    • Budgets
    • Funding request
    • Bills
    • Invoices (general)
    • Fundraising
  • Other Organization Information
    • Letterhead
    • Plan of action/goals
    • Programming
    • Demands
    • Speeches/statements
      • Persian Gulf Crisis statement by Nyaniso Rahotep (Radical Student Alliance)
    • Office space/location
    • Memos
    • Definition (what is ASU?)
    • Meeting procedure
    • Forms
    • Individuals’ folders
    • Advertising
    • Committees
      • Political Action Committee
    • Outreach

Events (Flyers of events have been included)

  • Black Graduation
  • Programming broken down by school year
  • Includes a folder on events attended
  • Performer/Speaker Information (Usually mailed to different organizations and event planners in hopes that the performer/speaker will get booked)


  • Academic Supports Program
    • Rites of Passage
    • African Brothers and Sisters/Umoja Mentorship
  • Mentor Program
  • Initiative for African Males (I AM)
  • Mpagi Project
  • Educational Task Force
  • SHAPE: Students Heightening Academic Performance through Education
  • ASU Freshman Summer Program (budget request included, but no other info. There’s another FSP/TSP, but I think its with the USOs, not just an ASU program)

Affiliations/Other Orgs/Collaborations

  • CAAS
  • Other Campus Orgs/Collaborations
    • SCARE
    • Third World Coalition
    • USOs
    • CERCs: Vice Chancellor Winston Doby requested ASU to participate in planning of a statewide UC initiative for Community Education and Resource Centers
    • SIOCs-Student Initiated Outreach Committee. Student-run outreach to local schools to prepare them to be UC eligible.
    • Undergraduate Council- There’s a binder of UgC information. I’m assuming a member of ASU also sat on the council as one of the student reps,
  • Orgs from/Collaborations with Other Schools
    • BSCCUC
    • BSUCSC
    • A/BSSA
    • USSA
  • Non-Academic Orgs
  • AAP
    • FSP/TSP: summer programs through AAP,
  • Harambee? (maybe in admin info instead) Put the following orgs in Affiliations or under Harambee?
    • African Activists Association/ Black Activist Coalition
    • African Education Project
    • African Psychology Student Association/Black Student Psychology Association
    • African Women’s Collective
    • Black English Student Association
    • Black Pre-Health Organization
    • National Society of Black Engineers
    • ASAD
    • Black Graduate Student Association
    • Black Caucus
    • Black Hypertension Project
    • Black Alumni Association
    • Black American Law Student Association
    • California Black Faculty and Staff
    • Nommo [move to Harambee]


  • Higher Achievement Project: not sure if its an ASU project, or a group effort of University organizations?
  • African Language and Culture
  • African Literature Club
  • Black Poetry Club*
  • Black Dance Association
  • Maybe affiliates?
  • Caribbean Student Group
  • Ecumenical Black Campus Ministry

Historical Chronology


  • Divestment/South African Solidarity
  • Prof. Halford Fairchild (denied tenure)
  • Ethnic Studies and Gener Requirement
  • Community Empowerment Centers
  • Yolanda Madison and the UCLA Orientation Program (racism hindering her hiring to the program)
  • Ethnic Studies Centers
  • Affirmative Action Rally7/Tonya Fitzgerald (terminated from AAP)
  • African American Studies Center
  • Angela Davis

Minutes/Agendas [move to admin information]

  • Retreat minutes
  • General meeting minutes
  • Committee meeting minutes
  • Minutes from non-ASU meetings attended

Correspondence [move to admin info]

  • To ASU
  • From ASU
  • Press Releases
  • Daily Bruin Correspondence
  • Correspondence to/from someone else/another organization
  • Invitations (Deciding if this should go here or in Programming)

Consciousness Reading Other [remain a separate series]

  • Ethnic and Gender Study Task Force

Affirmative Action [remain a separate series]

  • Undergraduate Admissions Task Force
  • Campus Retention Committee
  • Staff/Student Mentor Program
  • High Potential Program
  • SP-1 and SP-2
  • Prop 209
  • EOP
  • Affirmative Action Coalition (group of multiple organizations)
  • BSA AA Committee
  • Positions on diversity/AA
  • AA Literature
  • Bakke vs. UC Regents
  • AA Campaign

Harambee Council: Began as a forum for existing Black/African organizations component and then evolved into ASU:
Organization Info

Member Organizations:
Academic Orgs

  • African Americans in Communications
  • African Business Council
  • African Psychology Students Assn
  • African Sociology Student Assn
  • Black Pre Health Org
  • Black Pre Law Society
  • Natl Society for Black Engineers
  • Black Graduate Student Association*
  • Black English Student Association*8
  • Black American Law Student Association*
  • National Society of Black Engineers**
  • Black Pre-Health Organization**
  • Black Caucus*
  • Black Students Psychology Association**

Community Service Orgs

  • African Education Project
  • Black Hypertension Project *
  • Black/Latino AIDS Project
  • Student Education Enrichment Program(SEEP): “is designed to increase the number of inner-cty high school students who are eligible for admission to UCLA” also an outreach to the Black community. Not completely sure this is just ASU or a collaboration.

National Pan Hellenic Council

  • Alpha Kappa Alpha S.
  • Alpha Phi Alpha F.
  • Delta Sigma Theta S.
  • Kappa Alpha Psi F.
  • Omega Psi Phi F.
  • Phi Beta Sigma F.
  • Sigma Gamma Rho S.
  • Zeta Phi Beta S.

Other Programs

  • Academic Supports Program
  • African Women’s Collective**
  • Black Alumni Association*
  • Initiative for African Men
  • Black Faculty and Staff*
  • Black Activist Coalition**


* There’s a folder with info about this org
**There’s one or two pieces of paper having to do with this org