Abbwa Journal
African American Research Perspectives
African American Life & Culture
Africa Report: America’s Leading Magazine on Africa
Africa-World: Journal of Commerce: Industry
Amersia Journal
American Educator
Black Caucus: Journal of the National Association of Black Social Workers
Black Film Review
Black Liberator, The
Black Politician, The
Black Reporter, The
Black Socialist, The
Brotherman: Dictatos of Discipline (comics)
Community Development Journal
California Association of Black Lawyers Journal
Caribbean Review
Core Times
Critical Social Issues
CRM: The Journal of Heritage Stewardship
Cross Currents
Current History
Development and Socioeconomic Progress
Ethnic and Racial Studies
Ethnic Studies Journal
Forum: Education of the Black Community
First World: An International Journal of Black Thought
Freedomways: A quarterly review of the freedom movement
Good Society, The
Heritage: A unique experience in a black culture and history
Imhotep Magazine
Insurgent Sociologist
Journal for the Study of Sports and Athletes in Education
Institute for Policy Research
The Journal of Black Psychology
Journal of Immigrant and Refugee Services
Journal of Religious Thought, The
Journal of Social Issues, The
Liberal Education
Lincoln Journal of Social and Political Thought
Line of March: A Marxist-Leninist Journal of Rectification
Monthly Review: An independent socialist magazine
The Musical Front: About people, places, and things
Negro Digest
New Internationalist, The
Network: Issues and Ideas, A publication of the union institute
Point of View
Program for Research on Black Americans
QBR:The Black Book Review
Race and Class
Radical America
Review of African Political Economy
Revista Mujeres
Richard Wright Newsletter
Sage: CSU Fresno Journal of the Arts
Sage: A scholarly journal of black women
Schomburg Center Journal, The
Screening Noir: Journal of Black Film, Television & New Media Culture
Taz: UCLA Black English Students Association’s Journal
Trotter Review
Transafrica Forum
Trotter Review
UCLA Alumni
UCLA Librarian
Vital Issues
The Voice: Internal Caribbean Magazine
Voices of the African Diaspora
Wazo Weusi
Womanist: Theory and Research
Working Papers Series on Historical Systems, Peoples, and Cultures