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2014 Hollywood Diversity Report

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2015 Hollywood Diversity Report

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  1. Jevon Whetter says:

    I really found the Hollywood Diversity report fascinating and I noticed that one group has been overlooked – Performers with Disabilities. The Screen Actors Guild had several panels on diversity in the past, which include people with disabilities. I’m particularly curious what the numbers show when the report explores the success rate of having performers with disabilities in their show in addition to the groups covered in the report. For instance, we have deaf people on ABC family’s “Switched at Birth”, the film “Children of a Lesser God”. The Farrelly Brothers often included actors with disabilities in their films and they’ve done very well.

    By the way, I’m a deaf filmmaker who graduated from the American Film Institute Conservatory with a MFA in Producing and we’ve confronted many obstacles in the past. I’m grateful that I found my way to your report and we hope it’ll encourage Hollywood to embrace diversity even more!


    Jevon Whetter

    • Director says:

      Thank you so much for your feedback on our report. You make some important points about a dimension of diversity that is missing from the report, unfortunately due to data availability issues. While this has prevented us from making disability a standard part of the study we could and should consider a special spotlight on disability in an upcoming report.

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