Archival Collections

The Library and Media Center collects primary source materials pertaining to African American lived experience. Black people have long been subjected to oppressive actions regarding their history and legacy. Primary source materials that would document Black perspectives, achievements and contributions have been lost and destroyed. Additionally, materials that document Black people who hold other marginalized identities alongside their blackness are erased from historical memory. Black women, LGBT, queer, radical, immigrant and poverty-stricken lives are poorly reflected in the historical record. The Bunche Center library helps rectify this lack by collecting and preserving materials that might “talk back” to existing mainstream primary source collections. Families, clubs, grassroots organizations, recreational groups and individuals are encouraged to donate materials to the archives. Donations increase the amount of Black stories that are preserved for future generations.

Individual items are placed in the vertical file (subject files) with other news-clippings, flyers and programs. Collections of materials created by a group or an individual undergo an arrangement and description process before they are made available to researchers. Artifacts such as buttons, artwork or clothing are cared for according to their unique needs.

Donations to the Bunche Center library are considered a gift. UCLA has a gifting process that includes 1. The Deed of Gift, 2. Statement of Value and 3. Description of items (Exhibit A). Materials valued over $250 require a Deed of Gift and a Statement of Value. Materials valued over $5k also require the donor to provide a formal appraisal of value.

The Bunche Center may need to decline gifts that:

  • are not within the scope of its collection.
  • do not support the instructional and research programs of the university.
  • duplicate existing holdings.
  • would require extensive conservation.
  • entail donor restrictions the Library cannot honor.

Gifts are accepted subject to the policies of the Regents of the University of California with the understanding that the university reserves the right to determine retention and disposition. Upon acceptance, gifts become the exclusive property of the university. Donations of manuscripts may involve additional considerations to be discussed between the university and the donor.

Individuals or groups who wish to will or donate their primary source materials are encourage to contact the Librarian at