Theses and Dissertations

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Author Title Year
Alekent, Angelis DeMarco Thug Luvahz: Representin’, Resistance and the Revolution of Black Same-Gender-Loving Peoples within the 21st Century 2004
Alexander, Lisa Sci-fi television, the Undiscovered Country: Race and Race Relations in the 20th, 21st, 24th Centuries 1999
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Alvarez, Diane   (Ph.D) Do you see what I see? : a qualitative study on Black and Latino adolescents’ identity formation 2003
Ancalade, Dustin Kenneth Then there was us : passing and identity formation among two rural southern Louisiana families 2010
Anderson, E. Frederick The Development of Leadership and Organization Building in the Black Community of Los Angeles From 1900 Through World War II 1980
Anderson, Kabria Locating the Black Madonna Archetype in the Literatures of the African Diaspora 2005
Assefa, Shiferaw Towards a Professional Career (MLIS Portfolio) 2002
Austin, Neffetiti A Look at the Intersectional Experience of Black Women in the Black Panther Party 1996
Baker III, Robert Earl Black Student Power: SNCC and SASO 2002
Baker, Miquilaue Ancestor Worship Within the Quilombo of Palmares 2005
Barrios, Olga (Abstract Only) The Afro-American Performer Between 1920 and 1945: Paul Robeson and Josephine Baker and Their Artistic Fight for Freedom 1987
Baszile, Natalie And a Wind to Cool My Brow: A Black Women’s Westward Journey 1997
Beers, Robin Not either / or, but both-and : Caribbean-feminist vision in the poetry of Grance Nichols 1994
Bell, Zenobia Desha Jaye African-American nomenclature [electronic resource] : the label identity shift from “negro” to “black” in the 1960s 2013
Benin, Sará. The politics of a post-racial U.S. : a theoretical study 2011
Bowrin, Leslie Black Resistance: An Interpretation of the Rastafarian Movement in Jamaica 1986
Boyd, Kaitlin Therese. The criminalization of black Angeleno women : institutionalized racism and sexism in Los Angeles, 1928-1938 2012
Brannon, Taquesha A content analysis : media representations of Michelle Obama in the Washington Post and the New York Times 2010
Brimmer, Brandi Preliminary Thoughts on Concubinage in the Antebellum South 1998
Brimmer, Brandi All Her Rights and Privileges: African-American Women and the Politics of Civil War Widows’ Pensions 1996
Brown, Colette I. “A Growth of Images”: Contexts, Politics, and Identities in the Plays of Adrienne Kennedy 1996
Browne, Anthony P Toward a Gramscian analysis of the rainbow coalition 1990
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Campbell, Marne   (Ph.D) Heaven’s ghetto? : African Americans and race in Los Angeles, 1850-1917 2006
Carbado, Asmara. When blood won’t tell : an intra-categorical intersectional framework for understanding the construction of race 2012
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Carr, Peter Laurence. Still not free : how individual freedom is gained through group solidarity 2007
Childs, Dennis Signifying Badmen: The Outlaw Poetics of Nas, Goodie Mob, and the Coup 1998
Connor, Dexter Guess who’s coming to dinner and Guess who : media’s influence on interracial relationships in America
Crews, Karen Yvette (Abstract Only) Mary Ann Shadd Cary and Female Black Nationalism 1991
Daniels, Jean Ellen (Abstract Only) Family Functioning of Children with Down Syndrome 1976
Davidson, Adenike Ann Petry’s The Street: A Fight for the Respect of Black Men and Women in Doctoral Program 1940’s America 1992
Delaney, Patricia L. (Abstract Only) Understanding Qualidade: Conceptions of Race, Color, and Status in Northeastern Brazil 1991
Delaney, Patricia L. (Abstract Only) The Hydra of Inequality in Brazil: A Case Study of Class, Gender, and Qualidade in the Northeast 1994
Dinwiddie, Gniesha Yvonne Investigating Social-Psychological Influences on Educational Outcomes for African American Students at Institutions of Higher Learning 2000
Emerling, John Anthony The Politics of the Fragment: A Theory of Romare Bearden’s Black-and-White Photomontages 2000
Feliciani, Daniela In search of the horizon : the individual and the community in the work of Zora Neale Hurston 1987
Fields, Jarett Voices of Warriors : Examining the Stono Rebellion 2005
Frank, Elizabeth Diana. The end of welfare as we know it : media depictions of welfare in an era of reform, 1997-2000 2001
Frierson, Sharon Melody. Racing the biracial body [electronic resource] : biracial performativity and interpretation in Pinky and Caucasia 2013
Frigerio, Alejandro (Abstract Only) With the Banner of Oxala: Social Construction and Maintenance of Reality in Afro-Brazilian Religions in Argentina 1989
Gayle, Janette Elice Ann Gill : free woman of color at the nexus of politics and religion in nineteenth century Barbados 2004
Gilmore, Patiste M. (Abstract Only) After the Game: Social Mobility Patterns of Retired African American Athletes 1996
Glocke, Aimee M. Two Steps Forward and One and a Half Steps Back: Maria Stewart and Mary Ann Shadd Cary’s Fight for Inclusion into Early Black Nationalism – 1803-1893 2001
Gooding, Cory Charles Rastafari : Mobilization of the Mind and the People 2006
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Hoy, Vielka Cecilia Ethnicity and Revolution : Creating Identity via the Sandanista Revolution 2005
Humphrey, Amina Nappy hair : the political and cultural semiotics of black hair 2000
Humphrey, Amina Welcome African Roots: A Study in the Political and Cultural Semiotics of Black Hair in African American Growing-Up Literature 1999
Hyppolite, Joanne Neither Here nor There : Caribbean-American Women Writers in the United States 1994
Jackson, Michelle Renee A Descriptive Study of the Postpartum Attributes of Maternal Adaptation Among Drug-Dependent Mothers 1992
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Johnson, Tamara The impact of negative stereotypes & representations of African-Americans in the media and African-American incarceration 2012
Jones, Rhonda Jean (Abstract Only) The Role of Social Network Structure and Perceived Social Support in Facilitating Psychological Functioning in Black Families 1983
Kadotani, Akiko Search for Wholeness : Interdependence of Character, Culture, and History in Paule Marshall’s Fiction 1988
Kelley, Robin Davis Gibran (Abstract Only) Hammer n’ Hoe: Black Radicalism and the Communist Party in Alabama, 1929-1941 1987
Kimani, Abraham Sr. Mothers of the city : the Phyllis Wheatley Club and Home, the Great Migration, and communal family in Black Chicago, 1910-1930 2012
King, Elaine Lucille (Abstract Only) Ethnicity as a Relevant Dimension of the Self-Concepts of Black Children 1981
Lake, Tara Writing a New Song of the Harlem Renaissance : Noble Sissle, Shuffle Along, and the Impact of Sissle’s Work on American Performance Culture 2005
Levine, Jennifer Institutional Access: Legally Sanctioned Rape, Sexual Exploitation and Medical Experimentation of Slave Women in the Antebellum South 1998
Lewis, Abigail The Role of the Young Women’s Christian Association in Shaping the Gender Consciousness of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee, 1960-1965 1999
Linsey, Jalani J Insiders zoned out : the consequences of exclusionary zoning in Cucamonga and remedies to its effects 2010
Longshore, Douglas Yale (Abstract Only) School Racial Composition and Intergroup Hostility: The Control Threat in Desegregated Schools 1981
Marshall, John M Emma 1979
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McClure, Faith Holmes (Abstract Only) Cardiovascular Stress Responses in Black Hypertensive and Normotensive Families 1989
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McNair, Kimberly LaVerne The commodification of revolutionary icons and protest culture: the impact of print advertisement and Hip-Hop fashion 2007
Merid, Beza New “New black intellectuals” : stand-up comedy & social critique in the age of Obama / Beza Merid.  2009
Mills, Jesse Creole trombone : Kid Ory and early recorded jazz in Los Angeles 1999
Millward, Jessica “As Cool as I am Now” : Identity, Abortion and Infanticide in the Slave South 1997
Mitchell, Carmen Nicole Dancing with Dark Majesties: House Music and African American Women as House Divas 2000
Morris, Keidra   (M.A.) Myth-making and Nation-Building in Contemporary Black British Literature 2000
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Reimers, Birthe An Exploratory Study of African American Soldier and German Civilian Familial Relationships 2006
Richardson, Molly To Represent Self: Popular Visual Depictions of Black Bodies in Colonial and Antebellum American 2004
Rohn, Caitlin Elizabeth. Reproduction in Gayl Jones’ Corregidora and Alice Walker’s Meridian : incapacitation of bodies and minds 2007
Rose, Karla Marie. Born of Abraham, living as Hagar : the untold story of black feminist thought 2010
Ryder, Ulli Consequence of Human Cargo: A Creative/Critical Response to the Literature of the African Diaspora 1997
Sato, Mirei “I Am Not a Racist, But…?” Imported Racism: A Survey of Japanese Views of African Americans 2001
Sawires, Sharif Directly observed therapy : Managing Risk, Resistance and Adherence 2005
Shelton, Cherri Artistic representation : Josephine Baker in Jazz-Age Paris and the politics of a new Negro aesthetic 2007
Siqwana-Ndulo,Nombulelo- Winifred Rural African Family Structure in the Transkei, South Africa 1993
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Smith, Anton L. What Does it Mean to be a Member of Paul Gilroy’s Black Atlantic? 2002
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Wilcher, Myisha The Issue of Cultural Politics is the Same : African American Novice Educators Offer Critical Insights for Teacher Education Reform in the Twenty-First Century 2002
Wild, Avram To Protect and Serve: The Importance of Album Covers in the Preservation and Dissemination of Hip Hop 1998
Williams, Jakobi A Panic in all This Country: Nat Turner’s Complex and Dynamic Religious Background 2002
York, Wendy Michelle Discourses of Interracial Families in Contemporary Documentary Film and Reflections of Lived Experiences of White Birth Mothers of African Descent Children 2000