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2014 Hollywood Diversity Report:

Making Sense of the Disconnect

Released February 2014, this report is the first in a series of studies by the Ralph J. Bunche Center for African American Studies at UCLA to explore the relationships between diversity and the bottom line in the Hollywood entertainment industry.

The Data

The report examines the top 172 theatrical films released in 2011 (ranked by box office) and 1,061 television shows airing during the 2011-12 season on six broadcast networks and 62 cable networks.


There is an apparent disconnect between the industry’s professed focus on the bottom line and actual staffing practices in film, broadcast television, and cable. While findings suggest that films and television shows with relatively diverse casts tend to excel in terms of box office and ratings, respectively, the lion’s share of films and television shows examined lacked diverse talent in front of and behind the camera. This disconnect does not bode well for the Hollywood industry, as the nation’s population continues to diversify at a dizzying rate. Hollywood’s bottom line would be advanced by implementing forward-looking project development and staffing practices that are in sync with the emerging America.

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For further inquiries, call the Bunche Center at 310-825-7403.  To contact the lead researchers directly, email Dr. Darnell Hunt at dhunt@soc.ucla.edu and Dr. Ana-Christina Ramon at acramon@bunche.ucla.edu.

To learn more about supporting this important research project and its annual diversity report, please contact Chia Yen, Executive Director of Development, UCLA Institute of American Cultures at cyen@support.ucla.edu or 310.206.6872. To learn more about how to support the Bunche Center, you may also visit https://giving.ucla.edu/bunche.

Hollywood Diversity Report Media Coverage

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Presented by the Time Warner Foundation

A panel discussion exploring the relationship between diversity and the bottom line in the film and television industry. Invited Panelists: Dr. Darnell Hunt, Professor and Bunche Center Director at UCLA, Screenwriter Jenny Lumet (Rachel’s Getting Married) and Tambay Obenson, CEO/Film Critic, ShadowandAct.com

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